Adult Classes

Black Belt Life

Featured through Meibukan USA , this is our premium training for our serious students (7yrs-up). More than Karate techniques. 

Subjects Covered 

  • Traditional Philosophy
  • Principles of self control
  • Psychology of self-defense
  • Human physiology
  • Principles of leadership

Once you have decided to earn your Black Belt, you will register with Meibukan Honbu Dojo of Okinawa through the North America Headquarters, London Karate Club of Ontario Canada.

  • You are able to attend our extended Saturday class
  • One specialty class (Black Belt Training) at no extra charge (to help you reach your full potential as a martial artist)
  • You will see the best progress the more time you spend in the dojo (but you know this)
  • Black Belt Grading by Dai Sensei Yagi @ London Ontario or Okinawa Japan
  • Seminars with Yagi Sensei and Ippei Sensei
  • Traditional Meibukan Uniform (White/Gold Crest)
  • Paid Hombu membership up to $35.00 value (1st year only)
  • Other Discounts on Camps/Events


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