Adult Classes

Karate Life Defense

Become the iron rod wrapped in velvet without being lost in a crowd of students where the instructors do not remember who you are or who the parents are. How does it feel when you can't find your child on the floor? Our student to instructor ratio is 5:1. Unheard of numbers for many martial art schools.

Karate Life curriculum (7yrs-up) teaches the principles of Self-Defense through Karate. The techniques and philosophies revolve around dualities found in nature without "style attribution". Prepare yourself for life's unexpected surprises. 

Self-Defense is serious, but this is not the military. This is also not Taekwondo or Sport Karate. This is a way to learn, for those with busy lives and less time to put towards our Black Belt Curriculum. Whenever you decide to invest more time, you will be well prepared for the Black Belt Curriculum.

The strongest building can’t stand on a weak foundation 

  • As one family we support each other in class
  • Capability based, we create a solid foundation for the individual student 
  • Enjoy sharing and learning here
  • Meet like-minded individuals, engage with other members of the community,

Have fun learning more about yourself. You will receive attentive and detail-oriented approach to instruction, ensuring that you have grasped the concepts before moving on. Our highly experienced instructors are devoted to a safe, controlled atmosphere that's appropriate for learning in our training hall.


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